Specialized in joint change and project management, actor centered business development and enterprise architecture with true business value.

I'm a passionate project manager, change manager, business analyst and enterprise architect,
with a background as an IT developer and IT architect.

I always have the people and the true business value in focus.

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Instead of starting with the solution you don’t know,
find the common purpose you want to serve

MY CREDO. There will always be bumps in the road and the plan and its goals needs to be refined and adjusted on an ongoing basis. With the right purpose defined, the change and development not only become easier as you have the direction set, it also becomes more motivating for your enterprise and colleagues. The methods, tools and content of the change and development therefore need to be adjusted to its context of the purpose. The purpose should be defined jointly by the people involved in and affected by the change. Why jointly? Well…

It is the actors (e.g., the business, the actors in a process, users of a system, your colleagues, customers, stakeholders, people affected etc.) that creates the true business value, as they execute the process that produces value aligned with the defined purpose. The solution is the tool used in the process - it is not the process per se (although many business processes today have arisen from the solution), as value is something humans (i.e., not solutions) define, perceive and relish.

This implies that the solution needs to be designed accordingly to the needs and requirements of the actors. By focusing on the jointly defined purpose (and its goals), and understanding how the different actors come in and together contribute to the true business value, the thick brick walls between the organizational units can be torn down and obstacles can be cleared. Valuable change is achieved by focusing on the jointly owned purpose and understanding its goals, processes and actors.

Is it simple and straightforward? No, it is not. According to "the Chaos Report" (The Standish Group, 2020), the vast majority of projects fail to deliver true business value. Ever since 2011, the report has shown that only about 30% of projects are considered successful. Managing changes, motivating colleagues and creating true business value together are some of the biggest challenges that companies face today. Yet, these are considered to be the most important employee skills for future projects to succeed (McKinsey, 2021).

In practice, this means that a well-facilitated and constantly ongoing process of learning, improvements and communication is needed. Frequent deliveries not only enable directional adjustments, frequent deliveries also prompt the opportunity to show how they contribute to the valuable change we all want and by that becomes an important motivation booster (something that the great speakers Dan Pink, Simon Sinek and Sir Ken Robinson know all about). And by doing the work together, you create a common ownership of valuable business change. A change that is understandable, manageable and meaningful - as we created a sense of coherence (Antonovsky, 1996) by jointly defining a purpose with true business value. A sense of coherence that we humans need. A common purpose.

After all, it is as the wise Helen Keller once said: "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" (Keller, 1935).

//Johan Lagerström, enterprise and management nerd

The complexity of business in one image

Caption: Business is a complex phenomenon. It consists of many parts that need to coexist and interact. Not only is the internal perspective needed in order to understand the business itself, you also need to understand the world around the business and how the business interacts with it. In summary, it is all about understanding conditions, opportunities, missions, needs, resources, mandates and roadmaps - and getting there through people, plans, rules, processes, information, data, assets, tools and solutions. Strategy and culture must match, which is achieved through efficient communication (i.e., uniting people and creating the common foundation). "A goal without a plan is just a wish" (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 1930).

What is my passion?

It is said that your calling in life is the union of what you are good at, what gives value to others and what makes you feel appreciated (Dave Isay, 2016).

For the past 15+ years, I have mainly worked as a consultant in the borderland between business and IT, with the main focus on business development. This includes management (change, project, program, lead, etc.), analysis (requirement, process, business, etc.) and facilitation (workshop, change, management, etc.) - all with the main goal of adding true business value through people, resources and solutions.

The client and its as-is state, culture and needs are always important for me. This because the as-is state sets the starting point and makes it possible to find what is needed (e.g., the purpose, requirements and improvements), how it should be done (i.e., processes, implementations, culture and people etc.) and the deeply desired to-be state (i.e., containing the true business value and common purpose).

So simply put; my passion lies here...

Caption: Development is more than just understanding the IT solution and defining requirements. It is also about understanding the business and meeting its needs with the goal of fulfilling its desired purpose. And it is at this borderland, between business and IT development, my true passion lies - the borderland of requirements (business and IT) and business development (including management).

Core services

Project, business and change management

Project management, program management, SCRUM, SAFe, change management, planning, risk analysis, impact analysis, stakeholder analysis, targets / goals, prioritization, PO, scrum master, coaching, APO, team building / development, facilitation, speech / rhetoric, ITIL, Lean, backlog, Jira, Confluence, standard system implementation, non-standard system development, training / education / information material etc...

Business development and
requirement analysis

Workshop facilitation, EA, process modelling, activity models, entity–relationship model, information models, data models, goal analysis, requirements, epics, use cases, user stories, acceptance criterias, states, user / actor / customer analysis, mockups, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, Visio, Sparx EA, as-is state, to-be state, UML, Astrakan, guidelines, steering documents, UX etc...

IT development knowledge and quality assurance

Data governance, data management, data warehouse, data lake, information catalogue, PHP, Java, C#, C++, Python, React, React Native, JS, jQuery, Angular, Underscore JS, SQL, MySQL, apps, Basic, C, .NET, repos, responsive design, XML, XSL, XSLT, cron, server setup, security and salting, prototyping / demos, test management, testing, Git, AWS, SVN, XP, hackathons, start-ups, lean agile development etc...

Companies, clients and projects

I have worked with a wide range from private sector to governments and public institutions, often with a focus on compliance and economics. In total more than 60 projects. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn for the full list of projects.

Caption: Above are some of the companies, clients and projects I have worked with. In some cases I have been employed, in other cases I have been a consultant, employed consultant or sub-consultant.

Testimonials and recommendations

Over the years, I have received several recommendations. Below some of them are listed. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn for more testimonials and recommendations.

"Johan is an excellent project manager..."

...who manages to pursue complex issues even in a bit of a messy situation. His high competence in Data Management contributes to his ability to prioritize the right issues and work with what actually has an effect...


"It was a real pleasure to work with Johan..."

... He has the ability to quickly get acquainted with a business, sees the needs from the big picture and gets down to the details. Asks the right questions and doesn't give up until everything is clear...


"...most full-fledged IT consultant I've worked with..."

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Johan as our main IT Consultant, developer and project manager over the last 6+ years. Johan is without a doubt the most full-fledged IT Consultant I've worked with...


"Johan makes strong and quality-assured contributions in all contexts..."

Johan is a goal oriented person with great drive and will to change. He leads a group and business towards the goal, through drive, experience and leadership. Johan sees the whole picture and its issues, understands where changes should be made to create the most value...


"He quickly becomes a great and highly valuable asset in the team"

Johan's deep knowledge in requirements and process work gives, together with technical knowledge, a unique profile. Johan is very structured and has a methodology that repeatedly delivers high quality...


"Johan is with his nice and positive attitude very easy to work with"

Johan has the capacity to quickly get acquainted with complex issues and process them both technically and operationally. He has an ability to see the whole picture, pursue issues by facilitating, visualizing and documenting in a very accurate way...


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your kind words. Thank you <3! Sincerely. //Johan

Video: Efficient business development

A short video where I present how to achieve efficient business development and requirements management:

Competence and education

In 2005, I started as a consultant in IT development. In the very beginning, I realized that agile management methods, user-centered design and true business value were something that greatly appealed me. In 2008, I started focusing on business development, BI, facilitation and management.

In terms of education, I have a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science from KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. During my working life I have studied more than 50 courses in the field of business, architecture and management. A total of 10+ certifications. I have worked in 60+ different projects.

I live by the idea that an ongoing process of learning, reflection and improvement is always needed.

Consultant CV

Consultant CV in Swedish: >>>

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